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Blog # 23. Stay Under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Sections 220 to 232 of the Income-tax Act deals with collection and recovery of taxes. These provisions will become active every year in the months of February and March. Probably each officer or Commissioner may have to report to the higher authority the taxes outstanding, and total collection of taxes in their charge. As the scope of this Article is very limited. I will not deal with various controversial issues of Recovery Proceedings and will restrict only to few provisions which are useful in our day-to-day practice. Recovery proceedings under the Act can be started against a person only when he is in default or deemed to be in default in making payment of taxes. The assessee who is in default or is deemed to be in default in making payment of taxes may make an application, requesting the Assessing Officer not to treat him as the assessee in default in respect of the amount in dispute in the appeal preferred by the assessee. The Assessing Officer may in his discretion and wit