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Blog No. 25. Discussion on Penalty u/s 270A of the Income Tax Act, 1961

  Ø   General Understanding of Penal Provisions Ø   Section 270A Vs 271(1)(c) Ø   Charge of Penalty under Sub Section 1 to Section 270A   Ø   Under Reporting of Income under Sub Section 2 and 4 of Section  -270A Ø   Exceptions from Under reported income u/s 270A(6) 270A Ø   Mis Reporting of Income under  Sub Section 9 of Section 270A  & key Words and Phrases Ø   Quantification of Penalty Under Section 270A Ø   Quantification Of “Under Reported Income” u/s 270A (3) Ø   Quantification of  “Tax Payable” Ø   Immunity [Section 270AA] Ø   Appeal /Revision where an order u/s. 270AA has been made. Download the Research Paper here :  Link to the Research Paper